Private tastings are a lot of fun because they are conducted in your home, so the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. I come to your home and treat your group to a thorough, two-hour guided tasting of four to five different wines. The tasting can be customized according to your preferences: a specific region, varietal (type of grape), and/or wine style may be explored. You call the shots!

This is where you can select a theme and really have fun with it—"Holiday Wines," "Spanish Reds," and "Cabernet Sauvignon Around the World" are all great examples. Private tastings are great for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and birthday celebrations.


You can either purchase the wine yourself or allow me to provide the wines we've selected based on your preferences. I arrive well before the party begins with all the wine (chilled if necessary) and wine lists for each guest to take notes on and keep for reference. I can work within just about any budget.

After you and I decide on the basic parameters of your event, I draft a "blueprint" of the details, email it to you for approval, and answer any questions you may still have.


Fee: $150 for standard 2-hour tasting plus cost of wine