What Clients Have Said

"Lauren was invaluable at our wine tastings and events at The Mercantile. After getting our license, we were overwhelmed with where to begin. Lauren assisted us in deciding the tone and theme of our wine events and then graciously hosted with us.
Extremely warm and inviting with our guests, she was able to make everyone feel comfortable talking about, tasting, and discussing wine. She's an excellent wine educator! You're having so much fun, you don't even realize you're learning! She makes beginning wine drinkers feel comfortable and excited to learn, and is equally skilled at talking shop with the serious wine drinkers."
— Janea Boyles, owner of The Mercantile, Atlanta
“One of my first wine classes was in 2005 with Lauren. Her enthusiasm for the subject was so infectious that I have been studying and enjoying wine ever since. She is a treasure trove of information, but more importantly - insight. She makes the subject come alive. Her presence and her charisma are magnetic. Every time we talk about wine, I get excited about the subject all over again.”
— Katharine M., Student