Wine List Consulting

If you currently own or are considering opening a bar or restaurant, you understand the importance of offering the right variety of wines. Your selections should complement your menu and generally appeal to the tastes of your clientele—all with an eye towards cost efficiency.

Allow me to help you design a comprehensive wine list that achieves those goals. Once a basic list is determined, I will work with your wine distributor to acquire the appropriate selections. I can also conduct periodic checks to ensure your wine list evolves according to menu changes and/or other business needs.

Fee: $75 per hour

Wine Cellar Consulting

Embrace your inner wine collector! Do you plan to build a wine cellar soon or wish to add to an existing one? First, we will assess your future goals, what you enjoy drinking, and your budget. Then, I will help you choose and order the best wines for your collection—large or small. I will also research and provide timetables for when you should enjoy your wines and we'll work together to maintain your collection over time.

Fee: $75 per hour